Have a testimonial you want to add, just email me and I will add it to our list. Thanks so much!!!I have been using these soaps for over a year now and not only have I noticed that my skin feels so much softer, but I also no longer have the dry patches that I had in the chin area. They also hold up well in my soap dish without getting all soft and messy and last much longer than other soaps. I use the lip balm year-round with great results as well.

Gail, Dartmouth, Ma

Brenda’s soaps are wonderful. After washing, the fragrance lingers on and just smells wonderful. I love the “Coffee” soap. I work on a farm and get pretty grubby and dirty. I use the coffee soap on all of me. It works like a charm. I use (the yellow/tan colored soap can’t remember what Bren.) for my bath time. That soap is luxurious and also leaves a wonderful lingering scent. The fact that everything is natural is a plus.

Kathy, New Bedford, Ma

Usually when I find a product that I like, I just stick with it to the exclusion of all others. However, with your Handcrafted Soaps, I just keep trying new ones. I find that I like each new one as well as the last. I have sensitive skin and these soaps make it feel soft and smooth with no irritation…I can’t pick a favorite! The aromas are a wonderful added bonus, too. My Christmas shopping is going to be easy this year, everyone is getting a variety pack. Thank you.

Laurie, Topsham, Maine

Please know ever since Brenda has been selling her soaps, I have been buying them. Not only do I enjoy them but so does my entire family. I even use them as peace offering gifts when I visit friends/family. The soaps are truly wonderful for my skin and I love smelling them. Knowing they are all natural and not harsh in any way is one of the main reasons I am a repeat customer. The lip balms are truly the softest balms I have ever used on my lips. I have to keep them hidden because my seven-year-old loves the feel of them on his lips. The price of both the soaps and balms is also very reasonable. All said, once you try them, you too will be a repeat buyer!

Paula, South Dartmouth, Ma

Hi Brenda,I love your soap. I have eczema and I find your soap to be very soothing and healing to my sore skin. I love the scents and feel of the soap. I cannot decide which one I love the most and I am always excited when my husband brings home a new bar. Please keep the bars coming!!

Gail, Portsmith RI

I just have to tell you about the big improvement in my complexion and how refreshed and healthy my skin feels over my whole person thanks to your soap…I never realized before how much better soap made the way you make it is than mass produced products found in the supermarkets…and I don’t have that flaking skin on my lips when i have a cold now and my lips feel so soothed when using your lip balm……my person feels so much more comfortable after i shower in the mornings…a good start to every day ….thank you again Bren and my family say they notice the benefits as well and add their thanks also.

John, Norwich UK

All my life I have always had big pores on my face and I have tried everything to diminish them to no avail until I started using your soaps. I started noticing my pores have grown smaller. It has really cleared up my skin… I have always had dry skin on my legs and now noticed a big difference on my skin being moisturized. I am so Happy … thanks so much

Carol, Acushnet, Ma

Brenda,Ever since I started using your soaps, my skin has been so moisturized. Living here in Florida and working outside, the sun does a job on my skin and your soap has truly been a Godsend…I even use it on my hair, it makes it feel so clean and so manageable. I wouldn’t be without it!

Sue, Deland, Florida

LOVE THESE PRODUCTS!I Love these products!!! I have given gifts of the soaps and lip balm, everyone loves them… I’m hooked on the lip balm and recommend anyone who is purchasing anything to include a lip balm with your order! You will not be disappointed.

Liz, Dartmouth, MA

I have been fortunate to have received Handmade Soap as well as their lip balm for gifts from a friend. The soaps smell so good I hate to use them {only because I hate to run out!} The lip balm is so soothing and also has a great scent. AWESOME PRODUCTS!!!

Terri Gilligan

Repeat CustomerWe have used a variety of soaps from “Handmade Soap”. They are long lasting and maintain their fragrance. Competitive in price, highly recommended.

Mike C. China, TX

Brenda’s soaps are fantastic. The only soaps I would ever consider using on my face and the only soaps I feel comfortable enough to give as gifts. The quality is superb and I love the fragrance. I love the way my skin feels, never dry, just very moisturized. The shaving soaps are also excellent as are the lip balms. Great product.

Ginny, Richmond, TX

Hi Brenda, my husband and I were your neighbors in the Onset Fair. It was great to meet you. I started using your soap that very night and I really do love it. It is so sudsy and fragrant and leaves my skin soft and silky. Thank you and I do hope to see you again at future fairs.

Valerie, Harwich, MA

Hi Brenda, It was nice meeting you yesterday. I used your Bluebird Soap last night…..I like it!!!

Susan, Capecod, MA

Hi Brenda, I bought some of your soap this summer at the Westport Fair and I love it. I also bought some of your shaving soap…I will never buy store bought again. It lasts for quite some time too. Once I have run out I will be back to buy some more. Thank You!

Marcia N

Hi Bren, The Citrus Earth Blend and the Barenaked Blend are my favorites of your wonderful soaps! They truly are the best and my skin has never felt so soft. In the past I have been hesitant to use handcrafted soap because they have a tendency to leave a residue on the tub and sink but your soaps do not and they leave my skin so soft.I took a bar with me to the Amazon and to the mountains of Peru, even over 12,000 elevations in the dry air, my skin was so soft and smooth when I used them! Thank you so much for this wonderful selection of handmade soaps. Now I am waiting for your body creams!!!Thanks, very much

Ingrid, Chicago, Ill.

Hi Bren, I had Poison Ivy up both arms and your husband suggested I use your soap, boy I just used it twice and within a few days it was gone…Great Stuff!!

Ray M. Assonet, Ma.

Hi I bought your shaving soap 2 years ago, I just finished if. Thanks for replacing it by doing the trade for $8.00.. good deal. Thanks so much…

Steve, Wesport, Ma.

We love your soaps; I get compliments all the time on how I smell!

Bonnie, Scituate, Ma.

Thank you for the comfort and relief your psoriasis skin soap and the skin salve has given me…after a controlled test using your products on one leg and the doctors’ preparations on the other, your products provided equal results in clearing the psoriasis and had the advantage in being far more user friendly…no more stinging and clammy sensations and the aroma of your salve is far more pleasant than the prescription cream the doctor provided…it has improved my quality of life. Thank you again for your very effective products…

Ames, Norfolk, UK

I was so glad to see you at Fairhaven Homecoming. I am glad you recommended the shave cream, not only is the crystal bowl beautiful, the shave cream is amazing. I will stock up at Whaling City Festival. The lotion stick is awesome. I am obsessed with it. Thank you for your amazing products, looking forward to stocking up at the festival.

Lisa P.

Hi I just bought some of your dog soap today at the Fairhaven Farmer’s Market. I really like it. I was the one with the white dog, it was much easier to wash my dogs with the bar of soap. And I got to say the white one is absolutely whiter and they look and smell so clean. Thanks.

BrendaOver the last several years, I had developed flaking on my forehead and reddened patches on my cheeks. I recently purchased three bars of your soap at Fairhaven Homecoming, two bath and one skin soap. Your recommendation for using the skin soap was spot on! The flaking and redness have disappeared and my crow’s feet have diminished. It appears your soap has taken several years off of the age of my face. I look forward to getting more bars of your soap for family and friends.

Thanks Steve G. RN.

“Since heeding Dr Christiane Northrup’s, author of “Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom” advice to massage my breasts whenever I shower, my mammogram results have been excellent, whereas previously I had often needed follow-up images or biopsies. The massaging keeps breast tissue supple and helps prevent hard lumps from forming. Brenda’s breast massage soap makes this practice easy and enjoyable.”


Hi BrendaJust a note to tell you that your skin soap that helps with psoriasis really worked! It’s almost gone, I can’t believe it! I use Lavender, orange & patchouli in my creams and sprays, but I guess the blend with the other ingredients is what makes it work. I met you at La Sallette at the craft fair in June, that’s when I purchased the soap. The bar has lasted all this time, but now it is almost gone. I would like to purchase another one. Thanks

Simmons, N. Attleboro

Good MorningI just wanted to let you know that since we last emailed, I have faithfully used the skin soap you recommended going on a week now. The improvement in the condition of my skin is unbelievable! The body acne I have been experiencing since the beginning to work out has almost been totally eliminated. Thank you again! I can’t wait to try your other products!

Linda R.

Hi, I ordered some of your skin soap for my daughter who has problems with acne. I visited her last weekend and her skin looked beautiful. I would like to order some for my other children. Best wishes at your shows this weekend.In Christ,

Jamie C. Ohio

Just wanted to tell you how much my family and I love your soaps, lip balm and lotion stick. I purchased the “lovelight” soap for my 83-year-old mother and my sister and they are in heaven! My sister’s black lab also loves the smell of this soap, she has to wrap it up and hide it from the dog. My sister left the bar of soap in her shower and Haley (her dog) kept pushing her head against the shower doors trying to get at the soap! She took it out, held it out and Haley kept rubbing her body against the bar of soap…. My sister said it was really funny J I also purchased the skin soap for my father and brother, who has eczema. My daughter loves the “teen in mind” soap. I gave the lotion sticks and lip balms as Mother’s Day gifts for the ladies in my family and they loved them. Wonderful products, I will remain a loyal customer.


Hello, my mom had purchased some of your soaps today at the festival for my daughter’s eczema. They smelled so good from the bag and when cut, so I washed up with a very small piece to try and I feel so fresh I had to email you! Ha! Amazing, clean, fresh and relaxing products…. the lavender body perfume stick settled into my skin and calmed me. I can’t wait to try the soap on my daughter’s skin.Thank you!

Niki, RI

Hi Brenda, we met you at the E. Greenwich Art Festival, we were taking four bags of soap to England. You kindly gave us a bar of your dog soap to try. Haven’t used it on skunked dogs yet, but it works great on getting out turkey poop. Of course, right after a load of turkeys had gone through our yard, both of our dogs thought it was a great idea to roll in it. Needless to say, we were on our way out, but the soap cleaned them up very quickly.We’ll keep you updated.

Thanks. Glenn & Celia

Hi Brenda,My name is Anne, I gave a bar of your rash soap to my daughter to try on her son. Anthony is autistic and suffers at times from severe psoriasis. She has tried so many different types of lotions and soaps and they temporarily help, BUT she has had wonderful results from your soap. It totally clears his breakouts. Her husband even uses it on spots he gets with great results.Keep up the good work!

Thanks, Anne

Just a quick note to let you know I’m a big fan of your soap. It all started when I received a bar as a gift 🙂 Then I picked up a few bars at Bright Morning Star and also at the Independence Mall. I also like your Fountain of Youth cream very much. Stopped by the Dighton Art Festival last weekend specifically so I could smell all your different blends (and buy some for Christmas presents.) Your work is lovely and I’m really enjoying it.

All The Best ..Jessica

What wonderful products!I have been having MAJOR problems with handEczema for the past 5 years and I was using other all-natural balms creams and salves you find in the stores, but it wasn’t until I tried your Skin cream that it finally healed to almost nothing!now if I have an outbreak its only if i forget to apply.THANK YOU!and the lip balm is just as great!it healed a split in my lip in 2 days’ time! and it usually takes me a long time to heal.and the bar soap is like a spa treatment when i shower!because of you – I feel spoiled.and to top it off you’re a wonderful and creative person, going to such great lengths to make sure I have what I need when I run out. (Even my interrupting your dinner-sorry!)thanks so much! you truly heal and care for people body & soul.

Melissa Masse

Hi Brenda,We met at the Pinehills Christmas craft fair. I had shingles and you gave me your Skin Cream to try, for eliminating the itch and rash. Thank you for the product. I think it helped on the itch and sensitivity but not the rash. The rash receded at own pace.I have been using your soaps and really like them. We will be buying more, from you, in the future.Thanks again and Happy New Year.


I love the ginger spice hand and foot cream. My husband bought it for me for Valentine’s Day and it’s great! My feet have never EVER been smoother. I usually get a pedicure monthly, and by the time I get there my heels are just awful. I have an appointment tomorrow and today; my heels feel like I just had my last pedicure. I am really sold on your hand and foot cream and am spreading the word!

Jane C. Westwood, Ma

I discovered you and your wonderful soaps a few years ago at the xmas fair while visiting a friend in Mattapoisett. And found them/you again at the Summerfest!I don’t use them right away, but nestle them among my linens and “unmentionables” for a least a year; both for the extraordinary sensory experience each time I slide open the drawers, and also to dry them out a bit so they don’t disappear in sudsy flight too soon.I take a jacuzzi bubble-bath every morning using bath salts and your soap and listen to music while I sip my cappuccino – the perfect way to start my day!My art at: MistyTyler.blogspot.comCordially,


Dear Brenda,This past weekend my wife bought me your wonderful Shaving Mug SetNot only do i shave my face but also my head. i must tell you it is the smoothest shave I’ve had in years. I was wondering if you could make a Cream or Oil for after my shave. The old barbers used to use BayRum after a shave. I was wondering if you could start with that and maybe something else.Thank you


Hi Brenda,I just wanted to let you know that I love all the things I ordered. I love the bags they came in so much that I have them displayed in a pretty basket in my bathroom. They give off a great scent and guests can check out your goodies. I hope you’re having a great holiday season! I’ll def be trying other products of yours soon.thanks!


Hello, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!First, I just wanted to tell you something… for years we have been buying handmade soap whenever possible and by FAR your Artisan soaps are the BEST we have ever had the good fortune to have come across!We found your soaps at the Peach Festival in Acushnet this past Sept. We bought a bag of assorted soaps… and that was that. Then we realized how special your soaps were & wished we had bought more. Unfortunately, I misplaced your card and feared we would have to wait a whole year to buy some more.We are down to our last bar and I just now found your contact info. (yippee)

Best Wishes Bill

Our 6-year-old daughter has had eczema since she was a baby. We have tried all kinds of creams and soaps. A friend told us about Handmade Soaps. We tried the skin cream and soap and it works great! It has helped relieve her itching and her skin looks and feels better!Thanks so much!

Angela Porada

I used your facial scrub this morning. Just wanted to let you know that my face feels awesome. I wore no makeup today. Only eyeliner and mascara. My face feels wonderful. Ok now I am hooked.Brenda what do you recommend for a facial moisturizer?I have put the soaps throughout out the house. I have them in a basket in bathroom, in my lingerie drawer and were I store my blankets.One more thing the men’s soap how did you get yours that I saw at the Pawtuxet so whipped. Can I turn my husbands like that?

Debra Pina/ Touch Bionics

Hello,I’ve been staying with my mom and she has one of your products – says skin cream-skin issues. I don’t see that on your website. I’ve been using it on my psoriasis for just a week and it has started clearing up already! Works better than the prescription cream my doctor gave me! Thanks so much…

Debra C.

Dear Brenda,I live in Middleboro and decided to try your soap. I purchased some from Divine Consign in Lakeville, and now- I am so hooked!!!! These are amazing products and after trying so many commercial products, I now know that they were making my skin worse. I have mild psoriasis, and OMG, what a difference it has made. I used the skin soap followed by the Skin Issues crème- no more flaky dry patches! Now I have MANY other scents and creams. Also, I wanted to tell you that the Fountain of Youth for the face is unbelievable! I have tried endless beauty products that “claim” to work. So wonderful that all you need is right from nature; and no chemicals. I can’t say enough about your products, except THANK YOU!Don’t ever stop doing what you do!

Sincerely, Joan

Wow!I am sooo impressed with your products. My family and I were recently in Newport, Rhode Island for my daughter’s bachelorette get-away and came across your products at an art festival. My sister, my daughters, my nieces, and I all purchased some of your products. We couldn’t resist the scrumptious scents. Today I used the Peppermint Body Scrub, and the Sugar Facial Scrub and then later, the Ocean Breeze Hand and Foot Cream (my personal favorite!) My entire body is thanking you! Skin is sooo soft and smells phenomenal! I just got home from vacation yesterday and already went to your website to purchase more!! Quality product and reasonably priced… Thank you!!My skin has never been so soft and I’ve tried a gazillion products!

Kim, NY

Hi Brenda!I first purchased your lip balm at the Sandwich Artisans Festival back in August while my family and I were on vacation, and we were hooked from then! Unfortunately, the lip balm had accidentally found its way in the laundry, and while the lip balm was still good, the label had worn off. When I ran out, I couldn’t for the life of me remember what the name of your business was, and so my husband and I searched the internet high and low for anything we could think of. Finally, I found the email for the Artisans Festival, and they were able to provide me with your website – I was thrilled! Anyway, I wanted to say I love your product, and thank you for taking the time to put so much effort and care into it. Thank you again, and have a very Merry Christmas!

Elisabeth Gray

Hello!!my fiancé bought me a bar of your shiva soap and I am in love!! I went to your website and read your back story and I am absolutely amazed but I have to say, I’m not surprised! I 100% agree! my kids (we have 5) and I rarely if ever get sick because we eat whole diets, and we were vegetarians for 7 years then occasionally ate local meat, poultry and occasional fish. we also do NOT use any traditional medicine, only essential oils and herbs for treatment if necessary. so, I really love your ideals, very much! That said, I really would love to buy two of the perfume sticks of shiva and another bar of the shiva soap and I think I’m gonna purchase a couple other kinds of soap as well.

warmly, pamela

Hi Brenda,I purchased some of your soaps in Newport. I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE them. Thank you so much.

My Best, Kevin Keith Auburn MA

Hi,“I’ve been using your “Skin Salve” since I got it, (it’s been 4-5 days now) and I can’t believe it! It has, for the first time ever! healed a couple of spots on my feet that have resisted treatment(s) for over 8 years. Believe me, I’ve tried everything that’s been recommended, plus prescription treatments and nothing has worked like Skin Salve.The side benefit is some spots of “dermatitis” on my hands healed almost completely after only one night (I wear cotton gloves during the night). I can’t say enough about your products and can’t wait to try more. It smells good too.”

Thank you, thank you! Upper Cape lady

I LOVE the “skin issues” skin cream I bought from you in the cape, I think it was in November. My husband loves it too.I am so glad I found your web site so I will be able to order more when we run out!Congratulations on making the perfect cream.

from the Cape

Hi. Can’t tell you how happy I am with my Skin Issues cream and Salve.I am 52 and have developed mild Eczema/Psoriasis. This is the first winter my face has not been affected thanks to your cream. I was visiting my sister in Newport back in October and you had a booth at First Beach.Thank you.

Kathy, CT

I was in Massachusetts on holiday when I suddenly broke out in a terrible rash. it was getting redder and itchier, looking more like a severe case of acne by the minute. My sister wanted to take me to the emergency room, but I tried Brenda’s Skin Issue cream first. Within 15 minutes the itching began to subside. Within the hour the itching was gone and the bumpy irritation began to diminish. I was very happy with the results and would recommend it to anyone.Thank you, Brenda.


BrendaThank you for shipping my order. I see you now have a New Bedford store.Just so you know, I typically order when I get close to done with my supply. I failed to do that this time as I picked up some soaps at Durfee Fair. Thought I had more. Realized I totally ran out and was using a little piece sparingly. I forgot to order during the day until I started to itch last night. I realized I was itching from using commercial soap. I have been using your soap for a few years. I think I don’t notice a difference using your soap anymore. But I did notice a difference when I didn’t use your soap. Keep the good natural soap coming!


BrendaLove all your products and use them daily! The soap makes my whole house smell like a spa and my skin so smooth!!

Mairy Chessa

BrendaThrough the use of this, my psoriasis has reached a point of clarity and management reached by no other product.

Robert M

HelloI purchased soaps and a lotion stick from the Home Show this past weekend at Patriot Place. I just wanted to tell you how much I love the lotion stick for my feet after showering. It’s nice to know I can restock here at your website.Thank you


HiI have to tell you; I used the Hot Spot on my dog who had an area that she just wouldn’t leave alone and it worked. Thanks so much

Betty NB Folk Festival

Hi BrendaJust took the time to read some of the very nice things people have said about your products. I too, feel much the same way. I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes about 10 years ago. Because of that diagnosis and the harmful effect diabetes can eventually have on one’s feet, I have to see. Podiatrist about 8 times a year. Since I “found” your products, he has been “surprised” at the condition of my feet! He does prescribe certain medications, but I always find I do much better with your “Skin Salve” for skin issues, that any prescription cream.I have always had “skin issues” since I was a young child. (In northern New Hampshire snowsuits are a must. In the early 1950’s those suits were made of 100% wool. The rashes from the wool allergy were terrible). I’ve had rashes on some point of my body ever since then. Now, my skin is just about clear for the first time in my life! Your soaps and Skin Salve have made all the difference.I urge anyone with rashes and skin issues to try Brenda’s Soaps and salves, they are wonderful, smell good and work!

Vianna H. Sandwich, Ma