Soap For Poison Ivy

My handmade soap for poison ivy is getting great results on eczema and psoriasis as well as poison ivy, I used it on my husband’s sunburn and it took away the itchiness and helped his skin, my art teacher tells me it’s working on her face for her rosacea, and I have a friend who had a problem with shingles, the cream has worked well on helping with her breakout. (notice you don’t hear about shingles anymore…. good to hear feedback.. My handmade dog shampoo bar is doing a great job also, I have added Neem oil and it leaves their fur soft and smelling minty fresh with the added plus of killing fleas.
I have a Belly Balm for that pregnant Mom’s that softens the skin so you don’t get stretch marks and feels great for dry skin too. I had a customer tell me her doctor commented “he had never felt such a soft belly” and after she had the baby she has had no stretch marks….she has had 3 kids now and no stretch marks….great job!! Also great for just dry cracked skin.

I make all my handmade soap from scratch using an all plant-based formula with unrefined Shea Butter and Cocoa Butters. They are carefully scented with natural Essential oils. I do have a few synthetic fragrance’s which are Sandalwood, Honeysuckle, Lilac, Jasmine, and Wine fragrance in my soaps.
I also make a handmade lip balm that is very smooth, moisturizing, and long-lasting. I have also added a cuticle balm with great oils using Lemen, Myrhh, Frankincense, and Tea tree Essential Oils. I am testing an herb-infused lip balm for cold sores so if anyone would like to be the first, let me know.
People are raving about the hand and foot creams, their feet and hands have never been so soft…
A very nice “Shaving Soap” set for men and women that contain bentonite clay to help detox the pores while the oils soften your skin and give a nice slip for that razor, I am tweaking the recipe for more stable lather for those wet shavers…working on shaving cream and beard balm…
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