Interested in Wholesale?

My soaps are all made with a plant-based formula with no animal products, I am thinking I have enough hormones. I don’t need to add it thru my skin…they are almost all blended with essential oils, a few do have fragrance oils…I have had comments that they find the scent of the soaps last to the very end…

If you are a business and interested in wholesale just email me or call.
Remember me when you are out in the yard doing yard work and come across poison skin soap ingredients have been knowing historically to help your skin…

The price of my handmade bar soaps is $5.00 each and you will get a discount for every 3 bars you buy. 3/12.00

I have switched my 508 992- number so if you can call my 774-263-8788 number that would be great… please no salespeople or telemarketers, please….
There is a mailing list button at the bottom of this page for a future newsletter so sign up and I will let you know what’s going on…..I try to send one out only once every couple of months.

If you have a testimonial you would like to put on my list just email me your story and let me know you want it added to my page and I will add it to my list…..

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